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December 15, 2007

Feeling like KBugBuster

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Hello, Planet KDE!

I decided to start a blog I can write to when I have programming-related-blog-writing mood 🙂

I hope my English is mature enough for you to understand it at least roughly.

Actually it is already since some days ago I want to write about my work on kbugbuster.

It began with a feeling 🙂 When I heard someone mentioning Deskzilla (that’s a proprietary bugzilla client), I thought about kbugbuster. I knew it was in a not-very-good shape. Suddenly I feeled like resurrecting it. I wasn’t sure if I’ll have time for that though. But in one of the weekends it happend – I created a branch in kde repository and started to hack.

And now I’m continuing to hack on it as I happen to have free minute and /dev/hands demanding action 🙂

At first I wanted to just bring it to shape, with possibly some code restructuring and adding some features that’ll naturally emerge.
All my previous contacts with existing KDE apps (written by someone else) – namely katomic, klines, kmines, kreversi – ended up being a major rewrite. I thought I can do different with kbugbuster.

No luck 🙂 After two days of hacking I suddenly understood that I’m missatisfied with existing API and code to a degree where I end up “restructuring” so much that I put a lot of “TODO remove this, do another way”. So I just started all over 🙂 I didn’t throw away an old code – to keep it for reference.

And this rewrite has a great influence on my kde/qt learning curve – I started to learn Qt model/view framework, I learned how to use KIO (never tried it in action before – kudos to its devs – KIO rocks!)

So. The summary of current state of things:

1. I wrote a “backend” stuff which is currently able to perform basic queries and do very basic bug parsing (only ID and Summary are extracted ATM). Queries are asynchronous (kio), parsing is synchronous – but this *should* change.
2. GUI stuff – sidebar treeview/model and bug list/model. Sidebar already supports adding items with any query attached to them. This can be viewed like bugzilla’s “saved searches” I guess.

This all currently operates in online-only mode.
Actually I wanted to ask you – what do you think about kbugbuster having an offline mode?
How do you see it?
Should it do it like Deskzilla does – syncing to bugzilla and offering complete offline browsing and working with bugs?
Should it behave like an old kbugbuster did – just cache any retrieved info, but not the whole picture?

Is it needed at all?

Any other thoughts about kbugbuster in general (and in detail) are welcome 🙂

Thanks to all who read until here, this was kind of lengthy post – it’s difficult to keep first posts short 😉

P.S. No screenshots for now – they’re boring 🙂 Partly broken GUI, sidebar with servers and products + bug list with several items in “ID:SUMMARY” form – that’s all it currently has 🙂


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