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November 11, 2009

KAtomic new feature: level sets support

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Hello guys and girls!

Today I’m blogging about the new feature I just added to KAtomic: support for level sets.
What does that mean? That means that now KAtomic is able to get new levels through Get Hot New Stuff interface, so the default set of levels can be extended with whatever users come up with (and upload to

As this feature just got in, no level sets are available on yet, but some of them are already on their way (according to one of KAtomic’s original authors Andreas Wuest who initialy put a request for this feature in bugzilla).

Here’s the screenshot of a new dialog which lets the user to select level set to play and to get new levels using GetHotNewStuff (click to enlarge).

KAtomic levelsets dialog
Two additional level sets you see here are pure fiction 😉

Introducing this feature did require some internal rearragements in handling of config file and highscores, and because of that I tried very hard to ensure that with getting an upgraded version of KAtomic users won’t lose their highscores and other achievements (solved levels etc), so I ask you once again here (as well as i already did on

If you’re a hardcore KAtomic player or at least have some levels solved, please double check that your highscores and solved levels are left intact after getting this new version (with trunk update or with KDE 4.4 when it will arrive).

Thanks in advance and happy molecular assembling 😉


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