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July 8, 2008

Keeping you notified

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I decided to post a little update on the state of Notify plasmoid which currently resides in playground (it is planned to move it to 4.2’s kdebase once 4.1 is out).
Well, I can say that I already use it on a daily basis since quite some time ago and it looks stable from crash-free POV 🙂

After Riccardo (ruphy) provided me with great mockup and further feedback on how it should behave, I started to work.
Actually, a new look was implemented rather quick and later I did only some minor things + code reshuffling from time to time.
I just didn’t blog (for some unknown reason :-P)

Currently the applet evolved into something you can see below:

– Now it sits in panel as an icon and shows notifications in a popup as they arrive (it still can be added to desktop – it’ll look like what you see in a popup)
– Notifications from one application are grouped. Notifications in a group can be switched with arrows (soon: this will be animated too)

Issues (some of known ones) – so you don’t keep spamming me by reiterating over them 😛
– Layouting of action buttons (like “Chat” on a screenshot) looks screwed – too close to the text, too little space for the text. To be improved.
– Perhaps other visual layout changes pending.
– Action buttons visual look is WIP. It’s actually a stub – i expect them to be drawn more nicely.
– You must have noticed ugly whitish corner edges around the popup. I’m having issues with setting proper mask for the widget that actively resizes itself – to be investigated.
– Whole applet doesn’t react to plasma theme changes and it currently respects only one theme – oxygen 🙂 That means, I develop it with oxygen theme being set in plasma and didn’t even take a look on other themes. yet.
– Perhaps something else I forgot.

So as you can see most of the issues are on visual side. Functionality wise – it works. Notifications are displayed, actions are triggered 🙂
Well, visual side is a very important one. That’s what will be my main focus for now.

I’d be grateful for any testing of this applet – if you find any crashes or some other bugs, please ping me on irc (dimsuz) or mail me at: <irc_nick> 🙂

P.S. To ehamberg: wrote this using kate vi mode 😉


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